The first application with AI to protect skiers.

Because the best help you can receive is the one you cannot ask for.


Enhance your Snowfy experience with the HelpySafe device

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Snowfy Getting Started Guide

A simple manual so you can start enjoying more safely.


Types of protection

Personal protection:

Create a safety net with your family and friends.<7p>

Add the people who will take care of you. These people will receive an alert when you are in danger and need help.

View and manage all the people you want to protect. You will receive a alert when these people are in danger and need help.

Professional Protection:

Professional Protection is provided by the corresponding Protection Service of those ski resorts attached to Snowfy

This Protection Service will be valid and will be automatically detected when you are within the geographic coverage area of ​​the ski resort attached to Snowfy.

When you are in danger and need help, the slopes staff of the Snowfy partner stations will take care of receiving your alert and helping you in the shortest amount of time.



Si un accidente ocurre en un segundo, por qué no solucionarlo en un segundo?

What makes us different


Snowfy geolocates only when activated
Can record ambient audio
Long duration battery
Can be integrated into clothing, equipment keychain
Flexible price according to needs
Minimize search area with Arva in avalanches
Multiple help options
Own technology, 100% flexible


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28050 – Madrid, Spain

Snowfy is a new way of understanding safety and help in the snow.